Website & Software Localization

Software and Website localization

With in-house software engineering consultant working along with translators, we are confident that we can provide the most professional, cost-effective and seamless solutions for your localization needs in Vietnamese language. We will help you get a competitive edge and capture new markets in new cultures by providing website localization which maximizes your profits. Our experts at website and software localization will help you achieve your goals of success with new audiences, while working within your budget constraints.How is localization different from translation

Localization is not simply translation but also include the process of adapting the software for a new market, with a different language and culture. It involves translating original materials and analyzing the semantics in the target language to make sure that the functionality of the software properly work in another culture. Localization also needs to take into account technical aspects of the software and devices, such as screensize, Unicode support, programming languages… to achieve the best result.

We place great emphasis on the translation while ensuring that the website and software is communicated just the way you intended, across every language. We provide customized solutions based on our clients individual needs and we work with our customers to test the deliverables on their environments where necessary.
Vietnamese localization: some examples of factors to consider

  • Vietnamese culture & political system
  • Vietnamese alphabet is based on Latin script. However, a translation from English is usually double the length (number of characters)
  • Vietnam use metric system exclusively
  • Many English words in the computing field is well understood and adopted by majority of Vietnamese computer users and may not need to be translated such as „file“, „menu“, „click“, „webcam“, „driver“…
  • On the other hand, some other common words must be translated such as „quote“, „minimize“, „drive“…
  • There are dozens of Vietnamese encodings (many Vietnamese people do not even know what encoding they are using)

…and many other factors to consider. But don’t worry, our Vietnamese localization experts with deep knowledge and experience are ready to solve your problems!What are most popular Vietnamese software localization requests

  • Website localization
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS – iPod, iPhone & iPad…)
  • Desktop (Windows, Mac OS) applications
  • Enterprise software (Intranet portals, CRM…)
  • Embedded systems.